To be a smooth interaction


Our concepts for a development


We aim to “be able to do a little bit of things well” rather than “can do a variety of things”.


We try to design “a wasteless and concise appearance” rather than “flashy and funny appearance”.


We aim for “simplicity that can be used from the beginning” rather than “complexity that requires help”.


Our self-released products

Smart Sketch

Productivity / Business

Sweet Photo

Photo / Entertainment


Sports / Photo


History of A-UN Interface, Inc.

  • March 2019

    “Ugotoru” for Android v1.0 Release

  • October 2016

    “Ugotoru” v3.0 Release

  • January 2014

    “Ugotoru” v2.0 Release

  • March 2012

    “Ugotoru(Smart Motion)” Release

    The video player for a dancers & athletes

  • May 2011

    “Sweet Photo(Smart Photo Card)” Release

    (May 2011 - October 2016)
    The photo card app for iPhone
    [Youtube (1)] [Youtube (2)]

  • December 2010

    “Smart Sketch” Release

    (December 2010 - June 2012)
    The sketch app for iPad

  • June 2010


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    of our


Company overview of A-UN Interface, Inc.

Company Name A-UN Interface, Inc.
Address Win Aoyama 1317, 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Capital 2,000,000 JPY
Established on June 6, 2010
President Akira Nishikawa
Description of Business Planning and development of Mobile Application

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